Top Tips On Maintaining A Healthy Skin

Skin is the most recognizable part of the body thus need to be in the best state possible. Proper and consistent skincare is essential for healthy skin. It makes the difference between having an unhealthy skin and one that is the envy of everyone. Cleaning the skin well and protecting it from harmful things is key to maintaining healthy skin. In addition, use of the proper skin care products such as Dermaclara range of skin products ensures healthy and good-looking skin. The following are some top tips on maintaining a healthy skin


Clean the skin two times in a day in the right way

dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgSkin is exposed every single day to many types of dirt such as dust and other pollutants that make it unclean and may harm it. It is recommended to clean the skin two times in a day, in the morning and the evening. For the face, body soap should be avoided as it is not friendly to the face skin but special cleansers should be used. Further, use some lukewarm water to clean the face and not cold or hot water.

Be gentle on skin

The skin and the face, in particular, is very sensitive so scrubbing and exfoliating (removal of dead skin) so often may not be so good for it. Other ways of treating the skin gently include minimizing the bath time to avoid removal of necessary oils from the skin and bathing with warm water instead of hot water. Avoiding use of strong soaps as they take away oil from skin and instead using mild ones is another gentle treatment of the skin. Moisturizing the skin using the right moisturizer if it is the dry type is also key to maintaining healthy skin.

Shielding the skin from the sun

Excess exposure of skin to the sun makes it dry and scaly. It also makes the skin to get wrinkled. It is advisable always to apply moisturizers with ultra violet rays protection to avoid the skin being harmed. It is also prudent to use sunscreen on the areas of the skin that may be exposed especially during summer. There is need to be under a cover be it by being under a shade or staying indoors when the sun is hottest like at midday.

Taking proper diet and plenty of water

fdgdfgdgdfgdfgdfgTaking healthy foods is a key thing in ensuring a healthy skin.The diet should always have plenty of vegetables and fruits. The two have antioxidants that disintegrate the free radicals that cause cancer and destroy the skin cells. It is recommended to ensure there are colored vegetables and fruits in every meal. Enough supply of vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A should be ensured. Taking enough water daily, which should be at least eight glasses per day, is necessary for healthy skin.Water removes toxins from the body and facilitates proper circulation in the body.

Avoid smoking and excessive drinking

Smoking makes the skin to get wrinkled and to age faster. It interferes with blood circulation to the skin by narrowing the vessels that take blood to the outermost part of the skin. The skin is thus denied the nutrients and oxygen to keep it healthy. Smoking also makes skin inelastic by destroying the fibers that make it strong and elastic.Alcohol has toxins that harm the skin. Hence too much of it will result in unhealthy skin.

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